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[Mumbai, December 17]If the American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist, Walt Whitman had been alive, he may well have sung 'O Captain, my Captain' in praise of Captain Norbert Rebello, at the seafarer's maiden book release.

'Memories of another day', Capt Rebello's first published literary work and a novel, was released first at the Press Club, Mumbai on December 17. This was followed by a special book release at the Classique Club in suburban Mumbai for the shipping community the next day. The final release, on December 20, took place 'back home' in picturesque Cavelossim, Goa, where Capt. Rebello lives.

The Chief Guest on December 17 was Dolly Thakore, the veteran Indian theatre actress, casting director and communication expert. Although this was the first time she was involved in a book launch when she had not yet had the time to read the book, she wished Capt. Rebello well. 'I wish the author all success at his maiden venture. May this be an inspiration for him to write many more. I must admit, though, that I wonder how he finds the time to write, being an active sailor, husband and father!' she said.

Later after reading the book, Thakore sent a message saying, 'I now realize what hardships sailors must go through'Congratulations on putting it all in a book.'

Ms. Thakore had a word of encouragement for other budding authors. 'Any person with interest and dedication can pursue and achieve what Capt Rebello has', she said. 'There is no hard and fast rule that if you are a shippy you can't write a book, or if you are a doctor you can't write one. Anyone can do anything; the whole world is wide open. It is inspiring to know that he has written a book related to shipping. Capt. Rebello's is a ship captain and I am sure we will get intimate details as he is well versed with shipping technology and terminologies in addition to being knowledgeable', she ended.

The self effacing Capt. Rebello was overwhelmed by the praise showered upon him at the launch. He gave a brief outline about his book, saying, 'This novel will give you seafaring insights which a typical sailor usually doesn't see. I request Ms. Thakore to read out the prologue to the audience, and I thank her for gracing this occasion'.

'I am also grateful to the publisher, Capt Kamal Chadha in addition to my near and dear ones for making this release possible,' he ended.




December 18 concentrated on the release of the book for the shipping fraternity. In spite of it being a working day, the Classique Club was bustling with activity as a large part of the seafaring community turned out to commemorate Capt Rebello's maiden novel. Mrs. Manisha Halbe, wife of Capt Shivanandan Halbe, released the book. Mrs. Halbe is the Secretary of 'Pragati Kendra', an institute for mentally challenged people based in Mumbai. Interestingly, several present not only bought copies of the book for themselves but also placed orders for many more. The launch was followed by delicious appetisers, cocktails and a well spread dinner, where many were seen discussing the book and its genesis with the author.


December 20 was the last leg of the release at Panjim, Goa. Mr. Eduardo Falerio, Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Government of Goa, released the inaugural edition.


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The Book

  • Is based in a foreign strife torn land and how a mariner faces up to the challenges of isolation and an uncertain future. The love of a lonesome maiden adds to the sentimentality of the tale.
  • This fictional tale is based on the true hardships and struggles of sailors.


The Author

  • Captain Norbert Francis Rebello is among a handful of pioneering Indian merchant navy captains who have written a novel.
  • Capt Rebello was born and educated in Mumbai until he joined the merchant navy in the early 1980s. He sailed on various types of ships with renowned companies before settling down in the oil tanker fleet. In command of ships for over a decade now, he presently sails as Master Mariner with Teekay Tankers.
  • Capt Rebello's hobbies include writing poetry, reading and cooking. He lives in Cavelossim, a village by the sea in Goa, India



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