Marex Cricket Cup 2009


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(April 12, Mumbai) Bernhard Schulte beat Wilhemsen in a nail biting final to emerge as clear winners and lift the Marex Cricket Cup 2009. These series of matches for the maritime industry was held under the auspices of Marex Media Pvt. Ltd with the help of shipping partner Zener Maritime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and hospitality partner Hotel Suresha. The series consisted of 13 matches played between seven teams at the Shipping Corporation of India's 'Maritime Training Institute' grounds at Powai in Mumbai. The tournament was played between April 10 and April 12.

The other teams that took part in the tournament were Ebony Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., (affiliates of Fleet Management Ltd.) Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd., Mitsui OSK Maritime India Limited, Northern Marine Management (India) Pvt. Ltd., and Wallem Shipmanagement [India] Ltd.

Bernhard Schulte and Wilhemsen played the finals on the evening of April 12 after having vanquished the others in preliminary matches.

All matches were limited to eight overs each, with players trying their best to maximise scoring from each delivery. Although the entire series threw up an amazing array of cricketing talent from within the industry, the final match was the most memorable of all for its frenetic pace and its unexpected twists and turns.

The first day saw the following matches; Ebony v/s Anglo Eastern with Anglo-Eastern winning after successfully chasing a score of 53/4, Bernhard v/s Wilhemsen with Wilhemsen winning by overcoming Bernhard's 56/5 in 8 overs, Wallem v/s Mitsui with Wallem winning by outrunning Mitsui's 55/4 in 7.4 overs, Ebony v/s Bernhard with Ebony losing after being unable to chase Bernhard's high score of 85/2, Anglo Eastern v/s Wilhemsen with Wilhelmsen winning after scoring 79/5 and dismissing Anglo Eastern for 71 runs in the 8th over, Wallem v/s Northern Marine with Wallem winning after successfully chasing Northern's 69/3 in 7.4 overs, and finally Ebony and Wilhelmsen with Ebony winning after scoring a majestic 74/2 in 8 overs and limiting Wilhemsen's score to 65 runs in eight overs.

The last day of the series witnessed the following matches apart from the grand final: Bernhard v/s Anglo Eastern which was won by Bernhard by 10 runs after scoring 69/5 in 8 overs, Mitsui v/s Northern with Mitsui overcoming Northern's score of 68/1 in 8 overs, Wallem v/s Bernhard with Bernhard winning after scoring 63/3 in 8 overs and limiting Wallem to 53 in 8 overs, Mitsui v/s Wilhemsen with Wilhemsen overcoming Mitsui's 57/5 after losing only 2 wickets while chasing, and Mitsui v/s Wallem with Wallem successfully overhauling Mitsui's 53/3 in the 7th over.


The final match between Bernhard, led by Captain Dilip Jadhav and Wilhemsen led by Capt. Jiten Bhosale, witnessed some great performances from both the sides with Wilhemsen winning the toss and opting to bat first. The opening pair of Capt. Bhosale and Mayur Vichare scored 21 runs between them before being stumped and bowled out at 10 and 11 runs respectively in quick succession. The next player, Sandeep put up a spirited front by scoring 23 runs including two sixes and a single four before being stumped by Vaibhav Malvankar of the Bernhard team. Wilhemsen's order crumbled after Sandeep's dismissal with other batsmen failing to score more than seven runs. The final tally for Wilhemsen stood at 67/6 in 7 overs.

Berhnard began their innings tamely with skipper Dilip Jadhav being dismissed in the first five minutes of the match after scoring just 2 runs. However, the team benefited massively from the partnership between Vaibhav Malvankar and Vinay Sawant who scored 51 runs between them. The duo scored quite a few singles as well as smashed the ball to the boundary regularly with Vaibhav hitting two consecutive sixes and Vinay hitting a four and a six. The match seemed to be going Bernhard's way when, in an adrenaline charged moment, Vaibhav's shot was caught by Wilhemsen's Inam Khan at 66 runs with just two runs required in two balls. However, the new batsman, Sandesh lived up to the task by hitting the ball for a comfortable two runs at 7.5 overs.

The jubilant team of Bernhard Schulte took to the field to celebrate their hard won but convincing victory amidst chants of "Hip Hip Hurray!"

The awards ceremony was held shortly after the match at the podium with glittering trophies given away to the best performers of the series.

The various trophies given by the dignitaries present were as follows:
Mitsui OSK's team was presented the 'Participants' Cup' by Mrs. Bhatia
(Wife of Capt. R. S. Bhatia, CEO, Zener Maritime Solutions) and Wallem's team (represented by their skipper Hemant Pashte) were awarded the second runner up cup by Mrs. Vandana Singhal, wife of Capt. Singhal of Bernhard Schulte.

Dilip Jadhav of Bernhard Schulte was awarded the 'Best Bowler of the Series Trophy' by Mrs. Sangeeta Chadha (wife of Capt. Kamal Chadha, MD, Marex Media). Mr. Jadhav had taken seven wickets in the entire tournament.

Mr. Vinay Sawant of Bernhard Schulte was awarded the 'Best Batsman of the Series Trophy' for scoring 107 runs in the series.

Mr. Bhatia gave away the '1st Runner up Marex Cricket Cup' to Jiten Bhosale of Wilhemsen's team, with Capt. Chadha awarding the 'Marex Cricket Cup 2009' to Bernhard Schulte's victorious team members as the entire team rushed enthusiastically to the podium, celebrating with great gusto.


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